Bridge Slot Screen
Sep 20, 2018

The bridge slot screen is a water filter device with a bridge hole. It has long been widely used in developed countries.

In  the 1980s, the Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources began to  introduce and promote, and achieved satisfactory results, known as the  "ideal well filter".

Mainly engaged in  hydrogeological exploration, drilling, sinking construction, reservoir  precipitation, foundation deep excavation, geothermal development and  utilization, mineral water development and utilization, geothermal air  conditioning, bad well repair, groundwater source water intake.

Bridge slot screen have the following advantages over other types:
1. The special structure of the bridge-shaped aperture makes it difficult for the gravel to block the aperture.
2.  The special hole-shaped structure of the water filter pipe has the  effect of enhancing the mechanical strength of the water filter.
3.  The special structure of the bridge type filter water pipe enhances the  strength of the pipe body and has high mechanical strength.
4. Bridge type water filter pipe. It can be plated (coated) with different anti-corrosion layers to improve life.

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