Drilling things(3)--What affects the amount of recharge
Sep 28, 2018
  1. Hydrogeological conditions of the project site
    The larger the particle size of the aquifer, the thicker the better, and the better the pebbles. If it is mainly fine sand or silt, then I am sorry, the trouble is big.

  2. The level of wells
    We assume that the two drilling teams are drilling at the same point, the same depth of structure. One water is 100 tons / hour, and the other water is 50 tons / hour. Which one can recharge more? This is also the most easily overlooked place, out of 50 tons and out of 100 tons, the same is sand and water. In  fact, the wells drilled by the construction team with a small amount of  water were not only recharged at that time, but also the faster the  attenuation, and even the water wells were not qualified.

  3. Using and maintenance Note
    It  is now known that the amount of recharge is reduced with time of use,  and proper use and maintenance can effectively slow down the attenuation  of recharge.

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