Drilling things(4)--The classification of water wells
Sep 28, 2018

1.Classified by depth: Dakoujing, shallow well, deep well, ultra-deep well (current record is probably rice bran)

2.Classified  by use: agricultural wells (irrigation part for drinking water)  non-agricultural wells (urban drinking water, production water, water  source heat pump circulation wells)

3.According to the classification of pipe wall pipe: plastic pipe, cement pipe,  reinforced concrete pipe, cast iron pipe, ductile iron pipe, spiral pipe

4.According  to the water filter tube (filter, round hole or strip hole): brown,  bamboo curtain, entangled wire, bridge type, cage cage, no sand tube

In addition, the current selection of well structure and process for water source heat pumps is very confusing. From  irrigation standard agricultural wells to expensive non-agricultural  wells are used on water source heat pumps, and the effect can be  imagined.

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