Drilling things(5)--The common water well structures for water source heat pumps
Sep 29, 2018

1. Reinforced concrete pipe + bamboo curtain water filter + nylon cloth
Low cost, low filter strength, mostly used for projects that do not consider refilling or refilling
2. Reinforced concrete pipe + wrapped wire filter + (nylon cloth)
The cost is moderate, the filter strength is guaranteed, and it is  mostly used for projects that want to save investment and hope to  repatriate as much as possible.
3. Spiral steel pipe + bamboo curtain water filter + iron mesh
A less coordinated way. Steel pipes have been used, and bamboo curtains have also been used as filters. This is a pure water well process.
4. Spiral steel pipe + bridge filter pipe + (nylon cloth)
The strength of the tube well is available, and the conditions for  deep well washing are provided, and the well wall tube and the water  filter tube are balanced.
5. Ductile iron pipe + bridge filter pipe + (nylon cloth)
Basically the same as the fourth, the difference between the two is small. Note: This article is transferred from HVAC.
6. Ball milled cast iron pipe + wrapped wire filter + (nylon cloth)
Very mature non-agricultural well process. The largest non-agricultural well design is used.
7. Cast iron pipe
Very mature things, because the price is too high, has been squeezed out of the market by ductile iron pipes.
To  put it simply, it can be understood that if you choose to save the  reinforced concrete pipe, the effect of 2 to 1 is much better. If  you have more money, choose a metal tube. The difference in effect is  not in the well wall tube. In the water filter tube, is the traditional  wrapped wire tube good, or is the new bridge type filter tube good? There is still controversy, I will use my experience to make detailed comparisons with them in the future.

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