Several Connection Methods of water well screen
Sep 25, 2018

1. The flange can be dismantled and can withstand small pressure and great pressure. Still not afraid of vibration.

2.  The thread is convenient, the stable pipeline, the pressure is not  high, and it is not afraid of a slight leakage and can cause safety  hazards. But if there is vibration and shaking, it is very unreliable.

3.  Welding does not need to consider dismantling, or the temperature and  pressure have cyclical changes. The flange may cause leakage risk, or  the high temperature may cause the flange to loosen or have  high-frequency vibration, which may cause the gasket to fail. Lan occasion.

4.  Threaded connection, if it refers to low and medium pressure, generally  on the kettle body or space is small and can not be unraveled  frequently, or the pressure is particularly high, the general gasket has  not adapted to the sealing requirements Or the  sealing material requirements are too high and too harsh, and the metal  lens pad of the same material can be used to solve the problem.

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