The Advantage of wedge wire screen
Sep 17, 2018

1. There is a Vee-shaped opening between the gaps of the wire-wound filter pipe. This design guarantees the smoothness of water filtration.
2.  The high-density uniform gap of the wire-wound filter pipe body ensures  the opening area and non-blocking property of the filter water pipe,  and avoids the accumulation of sediments, which not only greatly  improves the production efficiency, but also prolongs the service life  of the water well.
3. The wire is connected with all the support wires by electric welding, which is durable and has a long working life.
4.  According to the actual demand, the longitudinal arrangement of the  support wire and the continuous gap form of the screen tube make the  product have higher compression resistance.
5, wire filter water tank specifications and connections can be manufactured according to different needs.

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