Tips for bridge slotted screen
Nov 26, 2018

1. The bridge slotted screen must adopt the suspended lower pipe process.

2.  Carefully check whether the bridge slotted screen is flattened during the handling process, and adjust if necessary.

3. Dilute the mud before using bridge slotted screen. In order to protect bridge slotted screen, the specific gravity is not more than 1.2T/M3.

4.  In the process of going down the bridge slotted screen should be stable: if the screen encounters resistance, it is necessary to manually reverse the angle and then check whether the water filter pipe is deformed due to obstruction.

If you can't get in because of the blockage, you must not force the pipe.

5.  It is necessary to use a compressor to wash the well.

If it is necessary to use a piston to wash the well, pull the  piston gently and gently, especially pay attention to avoid violent  pulling, so as to avoid a large pressure difference between the inside  and outside of the bridge filter pipe.

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