Why is it important to choose water filter?
Sep 05, 2018

    Under  the same geological conditions, it is essential to make the well water  output large, deeper, water quality and long service life. This article gives you a detailed introduction to the reasons.

   The water filter pipe is facing the aquifer. Once the two are misplaced, the water resistance is much larger and the depth is increased. To  this end, the object detection well should be carried out before the  down tube, and the aquifer area should be accurately determined; the  opening rate of the water filter tube should be sufficient. No matter what the pipe opening rate can not be less than 10%. Most of the cement pipes produced by the earth method are only  1-2%, and the water resistance is very large, which is not allowed.

    There should be a rib between the water filter and the filter. If  there is no padding, the filter mesh is closely attached to the well  pipe. Only the mesh facing the water inlet hole can enter the water,  which is easy to cause blockage, which seriously affects the water  output and service life of the well; the size of the filter mesh and the  size of the gravel Compatible with the aquifer. Otherwise, it is not the water blocking or the drowning caused by  the mud; if the mud is used, the wall should be broken before the lower  pipe.

    In  the former society, the well-designed filter pipe, the opening rate of  the filter pipe is too low, the ribs are not added, the filter and the  gravel are unqualified, and the broken wall is not completely changed.  The bridge filter produced by our company The water pipe just solves this problem.

    Geological  work distribution and various parts of the country, the geological  conditions in all parts of China have their own advantages, so the types  of filter water pipes that will be used in the geological conditions of  each place must be very strict, in order to ensure the smooth progress  of the work, good filter water pipes can always get twice the result  with half the effort. The  filter water pipe has the excellent performance of strong water  permeability, good sand-resistance effect, long service life and  convenient operation, so it is very popular in the industry related to  geological work. And it has lower manufacturing cost and longer service life than other water pipes.

    The  water filter pipe is a long-term application in hydrogeology. The  hydrogeology work mainly studies the distribution, movement and  formation of groundwater, the physical properties and chemical  composition of groundwater, the evaluation, development and rational  utilization of groundwater resources, and the construction of  groundwater. And the adverse effects of mining and its prevention and control. In order to complete the above research, the water filter pipe plays a key role in the research work.

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