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Why So Many Projects Choosing Base Pipe Screen From OASIS?
Sep 06, 2018

The base pipe  screen produced by OASIS OIL TOOLS CO.,LTD is  also called double-layer pipe, multi-layer pipe, which consists of base  pipe, all-welded wire-wound filter pipe and support ring. The  base pipe is drilled by a casing or oil casing conforming to the API  standard. The base pipe may be stainless steel or an API 5CT carbon  steel casing, and the all-welded wire-wound filter water pipe is welded  through the support ring and the base pipe.

The  high-density gap of the base pipe type filter pipe produced by OASIS OIL TOOLS CO.,LTD has high density gap and low flow  resistance. The gap density is high, and the flow resistance is low,  which is beneficial to increase oil and gas production. The inside is  supported by the base pipe, and the outside is the screen to protect the  base pipe. The overall strength of the filter  water pipe is only 2 to 3% lower than the standard casing/oil pipe, and  has sufficient overall strength to resist the extrusion of the  formation. Even in the case of local deformation, the gap  of the pressed portion does not increase, and the sand control  reliability is high.

The outer  tube and base tube of the base pipe type filter pipe produced by  us can be made of stainless steel,  two-way stainless steel or low-carbon steel. It can also be selected  according to the actual needs of users, and the base pipe type water  filter pipe Specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

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