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Johnson Type Stainless Steel Gravel Pre-pack Well Screens

Johnson Type Stainless Steel Gravel Pre-pack Well Screens

The gravel prepacked well screens have a double layer of high performance screen, having a very accurate V-shaped wire welded to support rods and a slot opening for the outer screen, which is selected to retain the formation sand, and an inner screen to retain the media pack.
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Johnson type stainless steel gravel pre-pack well screens have two types.

 One type consists of  two layers wedge wire screens and the middle filter. 

The other type consist of perforated base pipe or slotted API casing pipe and outer screen jacket. 

The base pipe can be stainless steel or carbon steel API 5CT casing. Having the API casing inside a wire wrap screen jacket is supporting the screen and enhance the capabilities and high tensile strength Loads. Base pipe can be made from API pipe seamless casing spiral or stainless steel casing. Opening area for the base pipe is up to 15% and for the jacket is up to 30%. Johnson type jacket slot size is between 0.15mm to 3mm.

gravel prepack well screens (2).jpg

Gravel Prepacked Well Screens

gravel prepacked well screens

Johnson Type Gravel Prapacked Well Screens

gravel pack well screens
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