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Water Well Screen

Low Carbon Galvanic Water Well Screens

Low Carbon Galvanic Water Well Screens

Standard rod base Outside-to-inside flow 30 mm to 600 mm Minimum slot: 20 microns
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Galvanic Water Well Screen for Water Well Drilling:


1) Galvanic water well screen for water well drilling is considered the standard of the industry, combining proven performance with durability

2) Low-carbon, galvanized construction

3) Provide optimum well development and access to the aquifer

4) Large open area This allows more water/oil to enter at much lesser frictional head loss and the        efficiency of well is improved appreciably.

5) Water/oil enters at lower velocity, reducing screen surface erosion and encrustation

6) Designed and constructed to operate under different depth conditions, with the optimum strength / open area ratio

7) Other installation depth designs available upon requests

8) Non clogging: "V" shaped profile wire, avoids clogging, is self-cleaning and ensures an uninterrupted flow. Sand grains make only two point contact and don't wedge in the screen's inwardly enlarging slot.

Offering dependable performance and time-tested configuration, galvanic screen manufactures cylindrical screens with outside diameter options ranging from 33 mm to 600 mm and lengths up to 6 m (20'). Sectional construction is available for even longer lengths, and our cylindrical screens are available in different types of configurations to accommodate flow or strength requirements.water well screens

water well screens

Galvanic water well screen'package:

Each piece of galvanic water well screen is packaged with bubble bag and then in wooden case(fumigation certificate).Each case is clearly marked with:

Name & identification mark of manufacturer- OASIS

Batch number

Date of manufacture



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