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OASIS 73mm Pipe Based Well Screens

OASIS 73mm Pipe Based Well Screens

It is used for sand control in wells with high pressure and high traction value due to the depths. Having the API casing inside a wire wrap screen jacket is supporting the screen and enhance the cabapitities and high tensil strength Loads. Pipe base can be made from API pipe Seamless casing spiral or stainless steel casing Opening area for the base pipe is up to 15% and for the jacket is up to 40%. Jacket slot size between 0.15mm to 15mm
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Base pipes and screen jackets, which is also called sand control well screens, which is used in the oil well, gas well and water wells. The base pipes screen jackets is constitute of API standard base pipes and the Johnson type well screens as the jackets wrapped outside of the base pipes.


Sand control screens is a new efficient technology of the mechanical sand control with excellent performance in practice by its high permeability, high strength, high deformation a adaptive capacity, high reliability and good anti-corrosion property.


Sand control Screen Features Materials and Anticorrosion Ability.

1. For common wells, the base pipe is API casing or tubing (J55, N80, L80,etc.). Sand control filtration jacket and protective shroud are made of high quality stainless steel.

2. For special wells in H2S, CO2 or C1 corrosive environment, the base pipe is anti-corrosion casing or tubing, even is stainless steel tubing. Sand control filtration jacket and protective shroud are made of high quality stainless steel.

3. Have anti-corrosion ability to acid, alkali, or salts.

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OASIS 73mm Pipe Based Well Screens:








Specifications Table of OASIS 73mm Pipe Based Well Screens:



1.Every Wire and Rod intersection is welded with consistent weld integrity
2.Tight slot control for improved sand retention
3.Rigorous Quality Control Inspection
4.NACE Compliant for corrosion resistance
5.Recessed Weld Rings for run-in damage protection
6.Alternate profile wire options for increased flow area and heavy duty applications (HRWP and Frac Pack).
7.Options for end and mid joint centeralisers (Spiroliser type or blade)
8.Options for Base Pipe Perforation open area.
9.Different Metallurgy of Base Pipe available.



Heavy oil, sand oil, SAGD, CBM, bitumen.

Water injection.

Horizontal, vertical, deviated oil and gas, water wells.

Stand-alone operations, cased hole, open hole environments and horizontal completions.

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