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SS304 Johnson Strainer Well Screen Wedge Wire Screen Pipes

• Johnson type screen also be named Wedge wire screens, Wire wrapped screen, Vee-Wire screen pipe, Water well screen, Wire wound screen,Wwater filter, etc. • It is made up of Vee-shaped wrapped wire and round rod in each intersection,welded together. • Accurate slot and high filtration precision.
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SS304 Johnson strainer well screen wedge wire screen pipes:

Oasis Well Screens manufactures wedge wire screens which are the best filtering material for the industry of Water Treatment & Liquid / Solids Separation. Wedge wire screens have applied in process water, potable water, clarification, grit separation and treatment, wastewater, solids screening, sludge dewatering and handling. Among these screens are candle filter, filter strainer nozzles, distributors, resin traps, passive water intake screens, rotary drums and cylinder screens.

The main advantages of our wedge wire screen are:

l  Depending on the wire shape and cartridge diameter, slot openings start from 25µm

l  High-tolerance fine filtration as low as 50µm

l  Wedge wire is a freestanding surface that can withstand extreme conditions of temperature and pressure

l  No the blocking state, it is good for backwash

l  Filtering surfaces are designed to face externally or internally, according to flow direction

l  All forms of machined rings, flanges or threads, complying with international standards, meet the most demanding assembly requirements



Wire wrap tube carbon steel stainless steel 304 316 water filter screen pipe:

Johnson screens consist of V-shape profile, longitudinal support rods, wrapped with the wire that which has high strength and minimum weight.


Johnson screens/ 10 slot well screen / Vee-wire specifications:

Wire width: 0.020 inch. (0.508mm)---0.195inch (4.953mm)

Wire height: 0.040inch (1.016mm) ----0.363inch (9.220mm)


Other wire shapes of wire wrap tube: 

Triangular wire

Grizzly wire

Bridge wire



Specifications details:

size table (1)



Pictures show of 8 5/8inch wedge wire screen/ water filter pipes:






Features of water well screens/wedge wire screen pipes: 

1.better filter function

2.Prolong life of water welll

3.Long service life

4.High pressure_resistant

5.The size customized


Packing details and delivery:

Johnson strainer screen(6

Package details of Wedge Wire Well screens:
1: The water well screen was wraped by plastic/bubble bag.
2: Then threads ends with protectors.
3: Ship package is container


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If you are interested in our water well screen pipes, welcome to contact with me for more details.

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