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Deep Well Drilling Stainless Steel Reforced Johnson Strainer/Pipe Based Well Screens

Deep Well Drilling Stainless Steel Reforced Johnson Strainer/Pipe Based Well Screens

Reinforced Johnson strainer/pipe based well screens combines stainless steel or carbon steel casing with continuous slot well screen for additional strength in deep well applications. The pipe strength allows smaller wrap wires to be used, allowing for greater open area.
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Oasis Oil Tools Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of water well screens, Johnson screens, wire wrapped well screens, continuous slot vee shaped wire well screens, wedge wire screens , oil well screens, bridge slotted well screens, rod based well screens, reinforced johnson strainer/pipe based well screens, API casing, ISO tubing, steel pipe, steel tube.

Features of Reforced johnson strainer/pipe based well screens:

· Higher Collapse resistance.

· Higher Load Strength.

· Easily controlled open area for regulated flow rates.

· Threaded Fittings in any specifications required.

· Base pipes can be manufactured using stainless steel grades or API 5CT carbon steel casing.

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Pipe Based Well Screens

pipe base screens with screen jacket

Pipe Based Well Screens

stainless steel reinforced johnson strainer

Stainless Steel Reforced Johnson Strainer


Reforced Johnson Strainer

FAQ of Deep Well Drilling Reinforced Johnson Strainer/Pipe Based Well Screens

1. What's the material you are going to deal with, stainless steel or carbon steel?
Usually material SS201, SS304(L),SS316(L) and duplex stainless steel are in common use.
Low carbon steel with black paint and galvanized, etc are available.

2. What's the OD, length? 
Diameter from 30-1500mm, length from 1-6m.

3. What's the slot size of Johnson type water well screen? 
Usually it is depends on your water outlet and gravel size.

4. What's the depth of the well or collapse strength of the screen that you need?
Depth of well is suggested to be supplied so that our engineer can calculate the collapse strength for you.
The collapse and tensile strength is important for the screens and each screen will be tested before delivery.

5. What's the connection type?
Plain ends with beveled edges is at least cost. Besides, you can also choose thread and flange connection type.

6. Load into container for delivery is suggested to avoid damage during transportation.
And package can be customer designed to meet your requirements.

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