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Wedge Wire Screen

Stainless Steel 13 3/8inch Wedge Wire Screen

Stainless Steel 13 3/8inch Wedge Wire Screen

Stainless steel 13 3/8inch wedge wire screen also named Johnson Wedge wire screen also be named Vee-Wire screen pipe,Continuous slot Vee-wire screen tube,Water well screen, Wire wrapped screen,Wire wound screen,water filter, etc.
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Stainless steel 13 3/8inch wedge wire screen:


The slot and surface photos of  323mm OD stainless steel V type johnson type wedge wire screen filters with each end Chamfer for welding:

0.76mm Slot Size:

Continuous slot: support rods and longitudinal wire makes an opening which significantly increase the available opening area, and allow better access to the water flow.


The each end Chamfer for welding pic:


High open area: reduce the water level, thus to save energy consumption. Meanwhile, high open area can make the groundwater enter the screen much slower than other filtration apparatus, which can avoid sand from entering screen due to high pressure, hereby lowering pump wear down.

High Strength: It takes stainless steel as main raw material, then is welded at high temperature, which guarantee high strength to bear big water pressure, hereby it has long life span.
slot and support rod1


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