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  • High Quality Steel Hinged Bow Spring Casing Centralizer

    Company Profile of High Quality Steel Hinged Bow Spring Casing Centralizer: Oasis Oil Tools Co.,LTD, located in the industrial park of high-tech enterprises in Fengquan District, Xinxiang City, covers more than 20000 square meters with total RMB 15 million investment. Oasis...
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  • Hinged Non Welded Stainless Steel 304L Bow Spring Centralizer

    1.Sizes ranging from 4-1/2" to 20" 2.Used for anti-corrosion treatment 3.Applying in water well/oil well 4.High restoring force 5.Lower shipping and storage costs
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  • Drill Bits

    Product description Bits sizes range from 3 7/8” to 26”.and cover almost all IADC codes.It can be used in various of different fields,mining,hydrology,subterranean heat pilling,water well drilling and oil well drilling.This type of bits have optimal bearing design, it can be...
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  • Casting Centralizer

    CASING Centralizer casing centralizer is an essential auxiliary tools in the process of running casing of gas and oil explore, it pales an important role for cementing quality, ensure the safety production, and prolong the life of well. Features: spring centralizer semi-rigid...
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  • Float Collar and Float Shoe

    Description The Float Collars and Float Shoe are used to guide the casing to be put into the hole. It can adjust the floating power of the casing when the casing been laid in. That can certify the qualification of the cementing. The Float Collars and Float Shoe manufactured...
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  • Cement Basket for Casing Pipe

    Product description Cementing baskets protect weak formations from hydrostatic pressures exerted by the weight of cement columns. Baskets are run above weak formations on casing, tubing, and liner strings and can be used in single or multistage cement jobs. Each basket is...
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  • Pup Joints

    Drill pipe joint is an important connecting component of petroleum drilling pipe drill, which is widely used in oil drilling industry.
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  • Elevators

    Elevators Type DD Product description Model DD center latch elevators with square shoulder are suitable for handing drill collars, casing and tubings. The load ranges from 150 tons to 350 tons and the size ranges from 2 3/8 to 5 1/2. The products shall be designed and...
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  • Insulating Joint

    Product description Monolithic insulating joint is a high-tech product It is very difficult to manufacture the monolithic insulating joint, it requires accurate design, precision machining and accurate assembly, the combination of a wide array of high-quality materials,...
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  • Reducer

    Stainless Steel Reducer Quick Details Packaging & Delivery Specifications Concentric Reducer can be used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, electricity, machinery, aviation, shipbuilding, and other channels to connect. 1, when the flow of fluid in the pipeline has...
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