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Hinged Non Welded Stainless Steel 304L Bow Spring Centralizer

Hinged Non Welded Stainless Steel 304L Bow Spring Centralizer

1.Sizes ranging from 4-1/2" to 20" 2.Used for anti-corrosion treatment 3.Applying in water well/oil well 4.High restoring force 5.Lower shipping and storage costs
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Bow Spring Centralizer Description:

High quality bow spring centralizers are made of special alloy steel and hot formed in totally controlled heat treatment plant to achieve the uniform hardness all over.
Spec and performance index of bow spring casing centralizer meet API Spec 10D.                                                     

The woven centralizer is connected by pin when in use, the unfolded centralizer can be stacked flatly for convenient storage and transportation. 

Bow Spring Centralizer Character:

1) Bow springs made of spring steel which has been heat teated and hardened tempered to ensure proper and consistent spring characteristics.

2) End collar hinges are folded toward inside. This way will minimize the collar stretch taht tends to occur when centralizers encounter tapers, commonly found in certain type of pipe connections.

3)A reinforcing rib stamped into the end collar. This way will strengthen and preserve it's round configuration during transport.

4)Several different spring bow heights that are available to accommodate most of casing-to-hole configuration.

5)Centralizers with built-in stop devices as well as those uncommon sizes are available based on request.

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Contact details:

If you are interested in our stainless steel bow spring centralizers, please contact with Aicha for more information.

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